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Apply to Become a Member of the Todai Clan

We’re a small select group, and can only accomodate so many students. Let us know what your goals are for training and we’ll help you decide if Todai is the right fit for you.


Q. Why do I have to apply for membership?

We require application for membership for two reasons:

  1. We limit our capacity to ensure the instructor can provide adequate attention to each student. 
  2. We are a specialized martial art, and as such we’re not the best fit for everyone and their specific goals.

We will discuss the training and how it fits with why you want to train to make a recommendation.


Q. What ages do you teach?

We accept students as young as 12 years old, depending on their maturity level.

    Q. How much are memberships?

    Memberships range from $147-$197 per month depending on qualifying discounts.

    Q. Are there contracts?

    All memberships are month-to-month.

      Q. How much are rank/belt promotions?

      We don’t charge for rank promotions and consider it part of your tuition.

      Q. Are there any other fees/costs or purchases I would have to make to train?

      Memberships are all inclusive. We will provide you with a uniform on sign-up, training tools are provided, and there are no fees for rank. All you have to pay for is your membership.