Moorpark, Ventura County, CA

Develop Powerful Strikes

Learn how to develop explosive power with devestating strikes.

Learn techniques to subdue and control

Subdue and control your opponent with combinations of joint locks and throws.

Build your Warrior Spirit

Cultivate the spirit to face any challenge and develop warrior level confidence.

This place is amazing! I never tried a martial arts class before but it was always something that interested me, they offered a free class to see if it was something that I would like, and I was hooked right a way and knew I found what I was looking for!

Dalaney Thompson

Everything I’ve been looking for in a dojo! A practical, effective martial art that I can practice even with my bad knees. A friendly teaching staff committed to helping students learn. A safe training space and a culture of training safely. I look forward to every class!

Ryan Moscoe

Ever since I joined this Dojo, I’ve gotten a fantastic learning opportunity. The Dojo owner and Sensei Scott Hamilton is an excellent teacher, very patient and professional. This is the 1st time I truly feel like a Japanese Dojo that I see on TV, videos and documentaries.

Robert Kriger