Kids Martial Arts Classes

Ages 8-11 years old

Give your child the gift of fitness, discipline, self defense and confidence twice a week.


You want your child to have skills necessary to succeed in life.

Our martial arts training is an incredibly powerful tool to develop confidence, discipline, self defense skills, fitness levels and even improve grades at school.

With our classes you can give your child the confidence and discipline they need to be successful now and into adulthood.

TOP 3 Reasons Parents choose Martial Arts for Kids


Physical Fitness

Virtually all parents agree that Martial Arts is an ideal activity to keep kids healthy and in shape. Parents also highlight how Martial Arts improves flexibility as well.



Parents see a difference in their kids self-discipline; both in terms of staying committed to a challenging activity as well as learning personal restraint.



Parents enjoy knowing that their kids know how to protect themselves from bullies, which can raise their children’s confidence, self-esteem and give them a warrior spirit.

Fun, Interesting and Engaging Martial Arts Classes for Kids

We strive to create an atmosphere that is both enjoyable and educational, providing your child with the perfect environment to learn and develop their skills. We focus on using a variety of activities, drills, and exercises to keep them engaged while they absorb the lessons of Discipline, Confidence and Self Defense inherent to our Japanese Martial Arts. 

Develop Strength, Balance, and Coordination

Our Kids Martial Arts program focuses on developing strength, balance, and coordination. Through the practice of Japanese martial arts, your child will learn to move with agility, improve their overall fitness, and develop the skills necessary for self-defense.

Empowering Kids

Our Japanese Martial Arts class will also help to empower kids and build self-confidence. Our classes are designed to be a safe and encouraging environment, where kids can confidently express themselves and grow.