Adult Martial Arts Classes

14 years old +

Get in shape, learn self defense, build your confidence and unleash your inner warrior.


The gym is boring. You want something more engaging and meaningful to get in shape, relieve stress, and boost your confidence.

Our Adult Martial Arts classes cover Japanese Jujutsu and Samurai Weapons – giving you the skills, body and mind of a warrior.


TOP 3 Reasons Adults study Martial Arts


Physical Fitness

Martial Arts is a fun and engaging way to build strength and cardiovascular health. Most Adults find Martial Arts training an easier way to get in shape when compared to going to the gym.



Adults report feeling higher levels of self-esteem and confidence when they learn how to protect themselves and their loved ones.


Relieve Stress

After a hectic day at work or at home, adults appreciate being able to have an activity where they can unplug and destress.

Warrior level FITNESS

Train like a Samurai and develop a new level of strength and fitness. All while learning valuable self-defense skills in an engaging and fun format that builds your body and mind.

Practical self-defense that builds Confidence

Our Japanese Jujutsu was forged on the ancient battlefields by the Samurai. That means what you get are timed-tested self-defense techniques that will give you the confidence to face any situation like a warrior.

Relieve Stress and build your SpiritĀ 

Hone your mind and body studying the weapons of the Samurai, and let go of the stress of the day. Leave each class refreshed, engaged, and ready to take on the world.