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Online Densho Full Access

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Everything I've been looking for in a dojo! A practical, effective martial art that I can practice even with my bad knees. A friendly teaching staff committed to helping students learn. A safe training space and a culture of training safely. I look forward to every class!
This place is amazing! I never tried a martial arts class before but it was always something that interested me, they offered a free class to see if it was something that I would like, and I was hooked right a way and knew I found what I was looking for! Its such a fun way to get stronger mentally and physically. The students and instructors are beyond nice and welcoming. The Dojo really has a family feel. What I love best is the authenticity of it all,the instructor and students are so knowledgeable about the teachings of traditional Ninjitsu. Learning new skills and using the weaponry is empowering and so much fun! Taking this class has really brought something special and positive into my life and I am so happy I found it.
It is without a doubt a great experience to train here with a wonderful and fun-loving teacher. This dojo has a great and welcoming environment with in-depth instruction and a friendly class. I was very glad to see a class that balanced core fundamentals, practical training, and a strong belief within the martial art's teachings of harmony and self-awareness. It is very rare to find a gem like this with a strong sense of community and positivity.
Absolutely the best secret in Moorpark. The facility is clean and the teacher is fantastic. He is well mannered, skilled, and promotes a positive learning environment. Furthermore, the students at this dojo are all nice people who cooperate with each other to learn rather than prove who is strongest. It is difficult to find this combination of a great teacher, facility, and student body in martial art schools; but it is here.
Fun and great learning place.
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