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Martial Arts Membership


with our simple and transparent membership pricing.

Z No Contracts

Z Simple Pricing

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Finding an affordable Martial Art membership shouldn’t be such a challenge.

Often you can’t even find out the price of training without having to sit through a sales pitch, costing you valuable time that you could otherwise spend on actual training. Plus, you’re never really sure if your getting the best price, or what other hidden fees might be waiting for you.

That’s why we offer simple and transparent pricing that allows you to focus on the training itself instead of how to pay for it. We show you our prices up front, because we know you’ll see why we’re worth it.

No Hidden Fees

All that’s required to train is your monthly membership. No hidden fees, no required equipment purchases or testing fees. Just one low price.


Memberships are month to month so you can be flexible with your training.

Online Courses Included

All memberships include access to our online training resources for when you’re outside the dojo.

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Memberships are organized by their respective age group and class. Memberships are the only purchase required to train in class.

Adult Membership
$197 / mo

Unlimited access to 120 minute Adult Martial Arts classes (14 years old & up).

Teen Membership
$167 / mo

2x / week access to 60 minute Teen Martial Arts classes (11 ~ 13 years old). 

Kids Membership
$137 / mo

2x / week access to 60 minute Kids Martial Arts classes (8 ~ 10 years old).

Family Membership
$297 / mo

Unlimited access to all classes for an entire household. Includes access to all Online Courses

* Menkyo / Rank Certificates

Menkyo are Japanese certificates of rank. These are optional and not required to be purchased for training at Todai. Menkyo are required for your rank to be recognized at other Bujinkan Dojo. Menkyo come from the Hombu Dojo in Japan.

$60 / Kyu

Rank below Black Belt (9 in total). 3 ~4 months between rank.


1st Degree Black Belt. Approximately 3~4 years from starting training


2nd Degree Black Belt. 1~2 years after Shodan.


3rd Degree Black Belt. 2~3 years after Nidan.


4th Degree Black Belt. 3~4 years after Sandan.