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Martial Arts Classes

Discover your inner warrior

Unleash your potential and cultivate a warrior spirit in our martial arts classes

Not Your Typical Martial Arts Studio

Our training facilities bring you the experience of training in real Japanese Dojo. The design and layout is directly inspired by the training halls in Japan. This creates a truly immersive Japanese Martial Arts experience.

Our training facilities are not just about decor. We also provide equipment you need to  train safely. These include:

Judo Mat Floor

High-quality soft tatami floor mats that reduce risk of injuries for slips and falls.

Training Weapons

Durable  training weapons are provided for free for your peace of mind.

Basic Ninjutsu

45 Minute Class

Get a whole body workout while building a foundation in Japanese Martial Arts

  • R45 Min Workout
  • RDevelop ground safety skills (rolls/breakfalls/etc.)
  • RBasic evasion techniques
  • RPowerful strikes
  • RSimple Joint locks

Full Ninjutsu

120 Minute Class

Durable  training weapons are provided for free for your peace of mind.

  • REverything in Basics plus...
  • RExtra hour of training
  • RAdvanced Striking
  • RAdditional Jointlocks and throws
  • RWeapons training

Ready to Start Training?

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Programs and Pricing






Basic Taijutsu

Learn the Basics of Ninjutsu and Japanese Martial Arts as you burn calories and develop your athleticism.


2 Classes / Week

Train twice a week in brisk classes that keep you engaged.


3 Month Program

See noticeable improvement in your body and mind with a self contained 3 month program.


Ten Ryaku Online Course

Get lifetime access to the Ten Ryaku no Maki Online Course

Training up to 8th Kyu





Everything in Basics plus…


Complete Taijutsu

Take your martial arts skill and abilities to a new level while diving deep into the art of Ninjutsu.


Bukijutsu / Weapons

Become a total warrior by learning how to wield Japan’s most iconic weapons.


Unlimited Classes

Train as frequently as you like with unlimited and extended classes and watch your growth accelerate.


All Online Courses

Get access to all online courses!

Training up to Yondan

(4th Degree Black Belt)

Todai Bujinkan Dojo

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