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Japanese Martial Arts Classes


with Martial Arts Classes that teach the techniques of the Samurai to hone your body and mind.

Z Get in shape

Z Learn Practical Self Defense

Z Build your confidence

Finding the right martial arts school is tough.

You want something that is both challenging, but approachable. Something that is practical, yet doesn’t sacrifice things like tradition and culture. Some that will feed both your body and soul.

This is the type of Martial Arts Classes you’ll find here at Todai Bujinkan Dojo. Our classes are approachable for those new to martial arts, yet challenging enough to keep even the most seasoned martial artist engaged.

Just as our techniques will build your body, the immersion into Japanese culture will nourish your mind and spirit.


Choose your Martial Arts Class

Adult Martial Arts

Ages 14 & up

Hone your body and mind as you dive deep into the techniques of the Samurai. 

Teen Martial Arts

Ages 11-13 yo

Boost your young teen’s fitness and confidence while giving them the gift of discipline and self defense.

Kids Martial Arts

Ages 8-10 yo

Raise a strong, confident child that will reach their full potential in fun and engaging classes.

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