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Gyaku Oshi/Osae Jime

Gyaku Oshi/Osae Jime (逆押締) “Reverse Push Strangle” Grab the uke collars in a manner consistent with gyaku jime. Use the thumbs to boshiken up into the uke’s neck in the soft areas under/behind the jaw. Zanshin.

Suwari Jime

Suwari Jime (坐締) “Seated Strangle” The uke is seated on the ground. The tori is standing. Grab the uke by both lapels. Leap to the rear of the uke, turning counter clockwise. Your right arm should be across the front of the uke’s throat, and your left arm barred...

Gyaku Jime

Gyaku Jime (逆締) “Reverse Strangle” This is performed the same as Hon Jime, except the fingers are inside the jacket, and the knuckles of the right hand are pressed into Uko.

Ude Jime

Ude Jime (腕締) “Arm Strangle” The uke grabs your right sleeve. Perform Ura Onikudaki on the arm without completely locking it. Rotate clockwise inward such that the back of your hips are against the back of the uke’s hip. Fall forward on the arm to break....

Itteki Jime

Itteki Jime (一摘締) “Pinching Strangle” The uke grabs tori’s left lapel with right hand. Cover the grab with your left hand. Step back with your left foot to straighten the uke’s right arm. Step back in and apply pressure with the left forearm to bend the uke’s arm...