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Best Weapon for Home Self Defense

The other night I was at a get together for a friend's birthday. While there, one of my long time friends brought up that he was thinking of getting a gun, but was unsure of what to get. I am a gun advocate, and own several. "What do you think? Should I get a revolver...

The Truth Behind Gun Control

In this, our second article on the Second Amendment, we will be looking at the efficacy (or lack thereof) of gun control. If you read our first article on the history behind our Second Amendment right to bare arms, you'll know that it was formed by compromise between...

The Truth Behind the Second Amendment

Here is our two-part discussion on the Second Amendment - as it relates to our rights as Americans and it's implications for self defense. The Second Amendment is one of the more controversial Amendments in our Bill of Rights. Opposition to the right to bear arms...

The Rules of Self Defense

We often talk about our martial art not being a sporting art, since there are “no rules to self-defense” or “no refs in a street-fight”. However, that is not entirely correct. In fact, there are quite a few rules regarding self-defense and impacts that extend beyond a physicality of the encounter.