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About Todai Bujinkan Dojo

Discover your Inner Warrior

Todai Bujinkan Dojo helps people find their inner warrior, and become the confident, healthy individuals they want to be.

We’re here to guide YOU

We call our dojo “Todai” which means “lighthouse” – a beacon for safety and guidance. We light the path to find your inner warrior by giving you:






Self Defense



Our Values


We believe that true power and strength comes from our ability to persevere and succeed when faced with challenges.



We value the traditions and history that have been passed down to us. We are the stewards for keeping that history alive.



We believe in providing real skills to protect  body and mind from danger. Training must provide practical value .



No matter where we are on our journey, we remind ourselves that we don’t have all the answers. We commit ourselves to be lifelong students.


Todai Founder Matthew Woodard

History of Todai

Matthew Woodard founded in Todai Dojo in 2003. Collectively the students picked the name Todai as a metaphor for our school. Todai in Japanese means “lighthouse”. And the students felt the school was a guiding light in their lives.

In 2012, Mathew Woodard moved to Las Vegas to pursue an opportunity in Executive Protection. Meanwhile, his assistant Scott Hamilton traveled to Japan and received his 5th Degree Black Belt and license to teach the art.

Scott elected to take over Todai as head instructor to help keep continue the community that Matt Woodard founded.

“Todai had made such a powerful impact on my life, I wasn’t ready to let it’s light burn out when Matt had to leave. The opportunity to share our art and our dojo is one of the greatest joys of my life. And a responsibility I take seriously.”

Owner Scott Hamilton demonstrating technique on student Kerega Melville

Our Philosophy

“I am very much a middleman. For me, my dream was to train in Japan. And now that I do, I want to bring that experience to our students. My goal is to have every student travel with me to Japan and meet the masters themselves.” – Scott Hamilton, Dojo Cho

Exploring the art itself is not enough. Training at Todai isn’t purely about exploring the traditions, but learning real skills of self defense.

“I have unfortunately have lost people in my life to violence. My goal is not to let that happen to anyone else. And this art helps us not only protect ourselves, but all those that surround us.”

Keeping this high standard means Todai’s training can be challenging. But with that challenge comes real rewards.

“We don’t believe in watering things down for the sake of mass appeal. The struggle is what makes us strong. And that may not appeal to everyone – that’s okay. But to say what we do is special and effective while diluting it for the sake of getting students would be a disservice, unethical, and could put our students in danger if ever faced with a serious threat.”

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