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What's Todai?

Todai in Japanese means “lighthouse”, while the word “dojo” means “place of the way”. This is the perfect metaphor for our Ninjutsu school, our art, and our mission. We help those that are lost to find their way, through our art of Ninjutsu – similar to how a lighthouse guides ships through the darkness.

Why Ninjutsu?

We believe the art studied under the Bujinkan – Ninjutsu – is the best means of both self defense, and self fulfillment. Very few martial arts can offer the level of depth, ability, tenacity, confidence, and total “warriorship” that our Ninjutsu School can. Our art of Ninjutsu, and our method of study, can be surmised into three words: Traditional, Practical, Elite.

Why does Todai exist?

Put simply, we exist to empower people to become who they want to be. We train to overcome the impossible – to be able to persevere through the hardest choices, the biggest obstacles; to never give up and to keep going. This is at the heart of our studies, and the essence of our art. This is why we focus our training on what’s practical; to hone our will and ability so that we can stand up for what we believe and to protect what we hold valuable. We are here to instill the skills and spirit of a warrior.



We will always be honest with eachother, no matter the consequence. We believe as being as transparent as possible in how we operate, and in our motivations.


We are loyal to our students and all those that support us. No matter the circumstance, we believe in putting our students first.


We believe we have a responsibility to our students and to the community as a whole to protect each other. We have the responsibility to make the world a safer place.


We believe in the security of our students – secure in their safety as well as secure in their way of life. What ever you may be faced with, you should feel secure that you are capable of dealing with it, and that you have a whole community behind you to support you.

Scott Hamilton

Shidoshi | Owner

Scott Hamilton has been training at Todai Dojo for the better part of the last decade. He was able to achieve his 1st dan in a year and travels regularly to Japan as well as to visit Shihan Woodard to train. In 2012 he passed his Godan test to recieve the rank of Shidoshi (“Teacher of the Warrior Ways”) to become fully recognized as an official Martial Arts instructor by the Bujinkan.

Shidoshi Hamilton has also recieved in depth weapons and shooting training from Shihan Woodard and others. He also speaks conversational Spanish and Japanese.

Matthew Woodard

Shihan | Founder

Matthew Woodard has been training in Martial Arts for over 30 years, and has several black belts from various arts. He has specifically dedicated the last 20 years to his pursuit of Bujinkan Ninpo Taijutsu, and has the highest rank attainable for a Martial Arts Instructor in our art: Judan Kugyo Happo Biken (10th degree – 5th level black belt).

He is currently a member of one the world’s premier Executive Protection Agencies, traveling the globe. In his absence his Uchi Deshi (“Inner/personal students”) continue his legacy and lineage at Todai.